Kopi luwak

Cenzo’s Gold Kopi Luwak

The world’s rarest and most famous coffee
has landed at Cenzo’s Espresso Café!

200 grams : $165.00
500 grams : $363.00

The Kopi Luwak experience begins in South East Asia with a unique method of coffee bean selection. Wild Palm Civets, cousins of the Mongoose, carefully choose the highest quality of coffee cherries as their main source of nourishment. These carefully selected coffee cherries are then digested and defecated by the Civet and later gathered by the Cenzo’s coffee harvester.The genuine Kopi Luwak beans are then delicately sun dried, thoroughly washed and lightly roasted to yield a blend that is the perfect aroma for the coffee connoisseur that loves a premium cup of coffee at an affordable price.Visit Cenzo’s for a cup of coffee you will never forget!

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Be wary of purchasing Kopi Luwak from overseas as Customs may not allow it into Australian territories.